Landscape difficulties

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I use landscape to manage patching my computers, but setting up the landscape server to run off a VPS was more difficult than the instructions made it seem like it would be.

The instructions said that installation would just require running 3 commands would setup the server. This was not the case for me. The first errors I had were with the starting page not showing up, I had to disable the default apache config site to make it work.

The second error was for trying to setup SSL certificates, the installer would fail, complaining about missing SSL certificate files. I used LetsEncrypt certbot to issue a certificate for the server address, and then I symlinked the expected files to the files that certbot output, so that when I renew the certificates the site will keep working.

Finally I had intermittent problems with failing to register nodes, SSL issues and the web front-end crashing. I thought that 1.5 GB of RAM on my VPS would be enough to manage 3 boxes (2 + the server running landscape), but this was not true. The requirements say that 4GB of RAM is needed, but scaling the VPS up to 2GB of RAM seems to have fixed the issues I was having, although my machine now has quite high memory usage, which may be an issue if I need to add more managed servers.